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SUGAR and SNAKES is a novel set on the wonderful island of Antigua in the Caribbean. 

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Photo English Harbour.jpg

Here you see the view from Shirley Heights down to English Harbour and Nelson's Dockyard. In the foreground is Freemans Bay with the Inn at English Harbour set behind Galleon Beach. In the distance is Falmouth Bay and beyond that, the Sherkerley Mountains.

This the landscape used in the book as the setting for the story. The story is not about people, it is about mongooses and in particular the three clans that occupy this territory. It is a story of adventure, a 'passage of rights', of love, betrayal and of war, and finally, of peace and unity.

Enjoy it. Reviews and feedback welcome.

SUGAR and SNAKES is the first of The Mongoose Tales. Watch out for more in due course.

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