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Being a writer was never in the plan! Norman started work at 18 and grew into jobs to do with computing and what we later called Information Technology. He was technical for while but realised that the money was in sales and he became a late-in-life sales executive, a role that suited well and he became rather good at it. He finished his IT career with one of the world's leading technology corporations and spent 17 years travelling Europe and the world in pursuit of corporate software contracts.


He was born into a military family which meant that travel was definitely on the agenda. He grew up in the north of Scotland, close to the Moray Firth, the sea, mountains, forests and rivers, which still are close at heart to today. Norman can be found salmon fishing on rivers up and down Scotland - but not always successfully.

A love of the outdoors also influenced his reading and as a child he devoured the books by Arthur Ransome - tails of Swallows and Amazons and the rest. But in particular, Kipling's the Jungle Book, was an all time favourite and when read today holds just as much interest and fascination for him, as it did then.


Norman has been a keen cook over the last 20 years and indeed his interest turned into passion and now he is a dedicated professional chef. He recently moved from Surrey to Cornwall and is setting up home in the gastro South-West.


So why writing? Well, it was always in him, it just needed the spark and the opportunity and the time to get a story onto paper.

SUGAR and SNAKES is his first publication. It's a story that already has a series in mind, so look out for one, the first book publication, and two, the sequels won't be far behind.

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